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Our Saviour Lutheran Church

President: Linda Griffith, 803-920-3975,

Vice President: Isma Boland (803-760-5545,

Treasurer: Ann Satterwhite (803-254-9934,

Secretary:(to be appointed as needed)

Advisor: Sandra Hughes (803-796-9016,

Cameron: Isma Boland (Leader), Lydia (Recorder), Caroline Raszewski (Leader), Beverly Nivens (Recorder)

Rebekah: Loleta Keitt (Leader), Linda Hill (Treasurer), Linda Griffith (Recorder)

  • Our Saviour women were very busy during March — The hospitality teams took care of 4 families with meals/meal cards and we hosted the Saxe Gotha Conference meeting.

  • Circles are busy getting ready for spring with an Easter Egg Hunt and Retreat.

  • A big thank you to all Our Saviour women for your support and attendance at the Conference Meeting. There were almost 40 present. We all enjoyed visiting our fellow Lutherans.

  • Director Jenny Lindler from Newberry College of Nursing gave a very detailed talk about the new pro- gram and the endowment being set up by the SCWELCA.

  • A motion was made and seconded to donate $300 from Saxe Gotha to help with ‘seed’ money for the project by  the Convention Committee this year.

  • Officers were elected: Ella Shumpert/Emmanuel will serve as  coordinator and Kristie Marshall/Transfiguration will serve as recording secretary. Betty Enlow will remain as the financial secretary.

  • Just over $90 was collected in offering and will be part of the donation to Newberry College Scholarship Endowment.

  • SCWELCA Board members present were: President Risse Snelgrove, Vice President Amanda Boatwright, Karen Freeman, and Sarah Cheesman.

Action-Rebekah has been very busy planning for the 2022 OSLC-WELCA Retreat. At this writing, there were 51 signed up. If you have not registered, contact Linda Hill to get on a wait list.

Community-Lydia is busy preparing for the Easter Egg Hunt since COVID prevented us from doing one for the past two years.

Growth—Cameron has still not met in person as the weather has been wet and cold. Perhaps they can begin meeting in April?

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SG Conference Lindler.jpg
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